Damp Knight Comedy: Improv Podcast

A Comedy podcast Improvised on the spot by The Damp Knights - An Improv Comedy group from North Northumberland in the UK

DK Podcast Ep 5 - Damp Table/A Live Audience with Damp Knight

February 28th, 2017

Podcast Episode #5 (feat. Dimples, Mark, Oliver & Ross)

This episode features our "Round the Damp Table" prodigious chat segment followed by "A Live Audience with Damp Knight", where we recorded while broadcasting live to Facebook, taking suggestions as we go.

All improvised as we recorded.

Thanks to our wonderful Podcast Producer - Daniel Cox

For comedy sketches and some of our live show highlights, visit our YouTube or our Facebook by searching Damp Knight Comedy. You can now find us as dampknightcomedy on Instagram. 

Damp Knight are primarily an improvised comedy group currently touring the North East of the UK. For more information and bookings, visit our Facebook page or email us at dampknight@gmail.com

Thank You for Listening.