Damp Knight Comedy: Improv Podcast

A Comedy podcast Improvised on the spot by The Damp Knights - An Improv Comedy group from North Northumberland in the UK

DK Podcast EP 65 - Rad Dad Rhododendron Too

November 8th, 2018

Podcast Episode #65 (feat. Dimples, Oliver and Ross)

"Howdy Mister".
Martha Organ and his horse Destiny are searching for Legendary Creatures in the west, from Little Texas all the way to Big Texas. Who will they meet? What will they do? Will they survive?

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Damp Knight are primarily an improvised comedy group currently touring the North East of the UK. For more information and bookings, visit our Facebook page or email us at dampknight@gmail.com

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Our aim is never to offend, only to entertain but with the way of the world at the minute there may be subjects that some people may find offensive within these podcasts.